Gall Mordant

Botanical Name :- Quercus Infectoria

English Name :- Gallnuts

Our Brand Name :- Gall Mordant

Colouring Component :- Gallotannic Acid


Gallnut is derived from Oak Galls which are produced by Oak trees as a defence against insects which deposit their eggs in small punctures they make on young branches. The tree excretes a tannin rich gum which hardens and becomes gallnuts.

Gallnut is used to mordant cellulose fibres and fabrics before an alum mordant is used. Alum does not combine as readily with cellulose fibers as it does with protein fibers. Fortunately tannins have a great affinity for cellulose fibre and once mordanted with tannin, alum combines well with the tannin-fiber complex. Gallnuts from the oak tree are one the earliest and richest source for natural tannin.


Colour Imparted:-

It gives ivory colour and when it is treated with iron water than it imparts beautiful shades of gray. It is the Gallnut with which you can develop charcoal or almost black colour on cellulose fibers.


Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

It is a traditional medicine for various body disorders, as an astringent in painful hemorrhoids, an antiphlogistic for inflammatory conditions, etc

Dyeing process :-

It is used as a mordant. It has to be taken 5% wof and then again mordant with Alum.

After both mordents then dyeing is carried out.

If you take iron water or ferrous sulphate instead of Alum after treating the fabric with Gallnut you will achieve different hues of gray.