We offer two kinds of Handloom Denim Fabrics:-

Natural Dyed Handloom Denim Fabric: -

This fabric is made using Mill spun yarn, natural dyeing and handloom weaving.

Handloom Denim fabric eliminates the high amount of energy and water required for weaving conventional denim. Additionally, it also helps generate and provide gainful employment and, thus, sustain a very large number of traditional craftsmen.

The Handloom Denim Initiative by Sam Vegetable Colours is a step in the direction of sustainable clothing and socially responsible fashion, which has made available an innovative product line which has all these years lived only in the imagination of fashion designers.

The handloom denim fabric collection offered by us has a very low, almost negligible, carbon foot print.

Our fabric ranges from 4.5 oz to 14 oz in weight, and can be customized as per your requirement.

Natural Dyed Khadi Handloom Denim Fabric: -

This fabric is made by Hand spun yarn, natural dyeing and handloom weaving.

This is an exceptional fabric as it does not require any machine, We mean any machine, to make this fabric. The yarn is spun by hand, dyeing is done by hand and weaving is done by hand.This fabric is truly an example of 100% eco-friendly and sustainable fabric.

The Khadi handloom denim fabric collection has NO carbon foot print.

We have wide range and variety of khadi handloom denim fabric – ranging from 4.5 oz (150 gsm) to 10+ oz (more than 300 grm) – which can be used for making high-fashion apparel – for men and women – be it shirts, kurtas, dresses, jackets, trousers, jeans, and much more.