Mud Yellow

Botanical Name :- Punica Granatum

English Name :- Pomegranate

Our Brand Name :- Mud Yellow

Colouring Component :- Flavogallol


Mud Yellow is from the pomegranate rind. The greatest advantage of this product is that it comes from that part of the pomegranate fruit which is a total waste and needs to be thrown away.

We at Sam Vegetable Colours play a very vital role here where we generate great employment by employing people for collect of these rinds, these rinds are than dried and processed.

Another great thing about this dye is that it has very good light fastness. Generally yellow natural dyes have low light fastness.


Colour Imparted:-

It gives mustard yellow colour.


Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

It is rich in bioactive compounds such as ellagitannins and anthocyanins content, which are protective toward degenerative diseases, because of its high nutritive value, health benefits, and antioxidant bioactive compounds, is considered as a food medicine. In fact, it has been considerably used in herbal medicine for several pathologies including flu and infections of the upper respiratory tract

Dyeing process :-

Mordant the cellulose Fibers with Alum 10% Wof for 30 mins at 80C.

After Mordanting one wash to the fiber,

Take Mud Yellow as per the desired shade, for medium take 10% wof and dye the fiber for 1 hour at 100C.

Now wash with non-ionic soap.