Crimson Red

Botanical Name :- Kerria Lacca

English Name :- Lac Dye

Our Brand Name :- Crimson Red

Colouring component :- Laccaic Acid


Lac Extract – is a red dye extract from the scale insect Kerria Lacca. 

The Lac insects invade host trees mainly Albizia Lucidor, Combretum Quadrangulare, Cajanus Cajan, Zizyphus Mauritiana and Schleichera, the insect secretes a resin that contains the red dye. The resin is harvested from the branches and is known as stick lac.

There are two primary components, the resin and the dye. To be useful for dyeing the colorant is separated from the resin – it is then referred to as Lac Dye.

Note :  Lac dye is not made by killing the insect whereas it is made for the waste which is excreted by the insect.

Colour Imparted:-

Lac extract yields a range of reds from crimsons to burgundy. The colourant is similar to cochineal.

Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

A clastogenic effect was observed in the bone‐marrow cells of mice that had been treated with Lac dye injection or orally.

Dyeing process :-

Mordant the cellulose Fibers with Alum 10% Wof for 30 mins at 80C.

After Mordanting one wash to the fiber,

Take Crimson Red as per the desired shade, for medium take 5% wof and dye the fiber for 1 hour at 100C.

Now wash with non-ionic soap.