Natural dye extract supplier in India

organic dye extracts available in India

A Natural dye extract supplier in India, Sam vegetable Colours Pvt. Ltd. was established in the year 1994 with four Directors

1). Mahesh Jain

2). Sajal Jain

3). Alind Jain

4). Rachit Jain

Since then the company has been exclusively and continuously working in the field as a Natural dye dealer in India. Our sister concern named “Sam-N-Ram” and “Interline exports”, with the same directors, has been taken over by the parent company i.e. Sam Vegetable Colours in 2004.

Founder of the company Sam Vegetable Colours (P) Ltd. Mr. Mahesh Chandra Jain after resigning from the post of Armament Engineer in Defence ministry, decided to start his own business in 1974. His love, affection & dedication towards Natural & Naturality could not attract him to join his parental business of Gold & Diamond jewellery. He preferred to start Menthol herb cultivation and its distillation. He remained in this Menthol cultivation and distillation business for 20 years.

As soon as in 1994 he came to know about the ban on use of azo-dyes by Germans, his interest developed to explore our centuries old vegetable dyeing heritage as organic dye extracts available in India was very few. Initially he faced lot of problems in the identification of pigment bearing vegetations, dyeing processes, as dyeing methods were being transformed by one generation to the next generation, no written literature was available except some dyed pieces were seen in different museums.


He came to know that the first National Seminar on Natural dyes was organized by NHDC at Jaipur in 1989. The first International Seminar was also organized by NHDC at Suraj Kund, New Delhi with collaboration of UNDP in 1993. So he started his research and development work on eco-friendly dyes under the guidance of Mr. H.S Ansari chief manager NHDC, Ministry of Textile and Dr. M.I.H Farooqui Phyto-chemist Dypt Director and with various renowned bio-& phyto chemists, scientists, technocrats of different technical department & laboratories of India such as NBRI, CIMAP, FRI, I.I.T Delhi etc.

He also participated in different activities of NHDC like appropriate technology & exhibitions etc. He also participated in workshop organized by NHDC in 1995 held at pragati maidan, New Delhi

He made numerous trials on cotton fabric by following the different recipes & methods suggested in different articles by the world renowned vegetable dyers such as Mrs. Ann Milner, Mrs. Jenny Dean, Mr. Darrel Bailey & others for many years. He got little success but still the quality was quiet far from what chemicals dyes were achieving.

Fastness properties of dyed fabrics were tested by S.G.S & Textile Committee of India but the fastness was always between 2 to 3 as per ISO-105.

There was times when he lost hopes but finally his two sons Mr. Alind k. Jain & Mr. Sajal Jain joined him after graduation from Delhi University and the research stared again !!!!      

The team was not only thinking of commercial benefits but were wanting to develop natural dyes in such a feasible form where the dyes could be used in modern dyeing machines globally.

For around 10 years the team dyed hundreds & hundred of fabric swatches by changing dye combinations, with different fermenting ways, by using different techniques, using books about natural dyes etc etc.

As a Natural dye dealer in India, Still the results were not coming upto the mark but due to our few natural dyes loving clients who had faith in us and impatience in the market to know about this field boosted our moral by sending us lot of letters, faxes, e-mails etc kept us working in this field.       

After few years his third son Mr. Rachit Jain also joined the business and after long and long research the Natural dye extract supplier in India finally developed a set of natural dyes which were 100% water soluble with fastness 4 on ISO scale, no leveling issue and could be dyed in almost all commercial dyeing machines like soft flow, Jigger, Cabinet, Continuous dyeing machines, jet dyeing machine, cone dyeing machines etc.

It took us 20 years to reach where we as a top Natural dye extract supplier in India could develop such natural dyes which are now being used by some of the big dyeing mills in Turkey, China, Japan, South Korea, USA etc.

In the line of Natural dye dealers in India, it is said that the research never stops, so the team started a new research where we found that only exporting natural dyes was not good enough, we need to start dyeing of our own fabric on commercial scale. It only took us 2 years research and

we now started dyeing all kinds of organic fabrics on commercial scale on jigger dyeing machines. Today the company is not only exporting natural dyes but also exporting organic cotton fabrics dyed with natural dyes on commercial scale.

Apart from organic cotton managed by us as a Natural dye dealer in India, we are also doing Handloom made khadi fabric dyed with natural dyes and other sustainable fabrics like Aleo Vera, Orange, Soya bean, milk etc. The Natural dye extract supplier in India is also offering natural dyeing on job basis.              

Natural dye extract supplier in India | Organic dye extracts | Dealer
Natural dye extract supplier in India | Organic dye extracts | Dealer