The NATURAL dyeing process is one step ahead of organic textile. The core concept of growing organic cotton is to eliminate the impact of harmful chemicals and pesticides which are used in course of growing it. But does the story of using harmful and carcinogenic chemicals stop here? Certainly NOT, because this organic cotton is being dyed with chemical dyes which are again full of carcinogenic chemicals. So to give actual meaning to the sentence of elimination of harmful chemical can be only be achieved if  the organic material is dyed with natural dyes. So our Mission is to eliminate the entire conventional system from the said harmful impacts right from growing cotton to dyeing with natural Dyes.


  • Today the world-bank estimates that up to 20% of water pollution is due to textile dyes and chemical treatment which are used to process everyday clothing.
  • Up to 67 million birds are killed EVERY YEAR in the United States alone from cotton crop pesticides; Red tailed hawks, migratory songbirds and more. Pesticides have also killed Lion, Bees and other extremely important wildlife. Nest time you wear a beautiful bird design sprawled across a cotton tee, think about how that tee might have attributed to its death.
  • 67 MILLION Cases of human pesticide poisoning occur every year resulting in 20,000 reported deaths.
  • In Uzbekistan where a large majority of cotton comes from CHILDREN are the cotton farmers using these pesticides everyday to manage cotton crops… Children.
  • There are studies proving that chemicals, pesticides, chemical dyes and washes all leech into our skin, from our clothing and disrupt our immune system, our hormones, and our glands, in tuen severely compromising our health, and the health of our children, If that is true just imagine how these chemicals affect the farmers and children that are in direct contact with them every day.
  • We are offering organic cotton fabrics dyed with Herbal/Natural Dyes in different colours and weaves.

Fabrics supply by us in natural dyes :

1). Organic cotton voile, cambric, poplin, canvas Fabrics dyed with natural dyes.

2). Linen fabrics and Hemp fabrics dyed with natural dyes.

3). Sustainable fabrics like Aleo vera, Banana, Orange, etc fabrics dyed with natural dyes.

Fabrics Manufactured by us on handlooms :-

1). Khadi cotton fabric dyed with natural dyes.

2). Denim fabric dyed with natural dyes

3). Any special fabric requirement can be fulfilled too.