Natural Indigo

Botanical Name :- Indigofera Tinctoria

English Name :- Natural Indigo

Our Brand Name :- Sam Indigo

Colouring Component :- Indigotin


Natural indigo has often been called “King of the Dyestuffs” which is produced from the indigo plant.  The plant family, Indigofera was named by Linnaeus, after India, the country where it originated from.

Its production by natural composting and fermentation spanning a history of over 4000 years is culturally specific and the dyeing methods just as idiosyncratic.  In its purest form, natural indigo production requires no chemicals, the waste water from this sustainable agricultural process is used to water crops, while the remaining solid waste is used as a bio-fertilizer.


Natural Indigo offered us contains a very high percentage of Indigotin (35%).

It is available both in cake and powder form.

Colour Imparted:-

Natural Indigo extract yields a range of blue colours from Sky blue to deep navy blue.

Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

It has anti inflammatory and hydrophobia properties. It also cures gonorrhea.

When applied on clothes it cures giddiness, abdominal dieses and spleen disorder.

Dyeing Process:-

The Indigo dyeing process is entirely different from other dyes. The dyeing process of indigo is same as VAT dyeing process.

The indigo is not soluble in water or alcohol so it has to be dissolved in alkaline solution. Once the indigo gets dissolved we need to add hydro to the solution which turns the solution to bright yellowish green colour. Now the fiber has to be added in the dye bath for 10 mins

After 10 mins when the fibers are removed from the dye bath, oxygen in the air changes the dye back into its original state and the fibers turn from yellow to blue in front of the dyers eyes.

To achieve dark shades more dipping can be given.

After dyeing wash with non-ionic soap and neutralize it with Acidic Acid or vinegar