Sappan Pink

Botanical Name :- Caealpinia Sappan

English Name :- Sappan Wood

Our Brand Name :- Sappan Pink

Colouring component :- Brazilin


Sappan Pink is the extract tree Caesalpinia sappan(Bark). It is also known as Indian Pinkwood, this plant is an absolute powerhouse of colour and produces an almost chemical-leak level of bright pinky-violet that we love.
The plant itself is part of the legume family and the bark is not only used for fabric dyeing but also for making a kind of potent medicinal tea.

It is totally non toxic in nature.

Study of toxicity of Sappan Pink was as:- An investigation was conducted to find out the toxic effect of aqueous extract of the dye sappan in test animal Wister albino rats.

Acute oral toxicity showed no clinical signs of toxicity and no mortality even at a dose level of 100–2000 mg/kg in 14 days observation period. When a dose level above 2500 mg/kg was given for 28 days, no death was noticed up to the dose level 5000 mg/kg body weight. The weight of the tested rats was not significantly reduced, when compared with the control group. The organ-body weight ratio of kidney, liver and abdomen did not change when compared to the control group in the observation period.

Colour Imparted:-

Sappan Pinkgives shades of bright pink to violet.

Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

A decoction of the wood is a powerful emmenagogue and, because of its tannic and gallic acids, is an astringent used in mild cases of dysentery and diarrhea. It is also given internally for certain skin aliments. The sappan wood is given as a tonic to women after confinement and to relieve vomiting of blood.

Dyeing process :-

Mordant the cellulose Fibers with Alum 10% Wof for 30 mins at 80C.

After Mordanting one wash to the fiber,

Take Sappan Pink as per the desired shade, for medium take 5% wof and dye the fiber for 1 hour at 100C.

Now wash with non-ionic soap.