Natural Mordant

Botanical Name :- Terminalia Chebula

English Name :- Myrobalan

Our Brand Name :- Natural Mordant

Colouring Component :- Chebulinic Acid


Myrobalans are the dried fruits of Terminalia chebula, a tree common in India. The immature fruits are black, ovoid and about 1–3 cm long. They contain about 20–40% of tannin.

It is grown in abundance in foothills of Himalayas and it is used as Natural dye and for Medicinal purpose too.

It is used both as a mordant and dye. Terminalia Chebula manufactured by us has highest % Tannic which when used as a mordant for any natural dye increases its fastness immensely.

Colour Imparted:-

It gives beautiful pale yellow colour and when it is treated with iron water than It imparts beautiful shades of gray.


Ayurvedic/Medicinal/Healing Properties :-

Terminalia chebula is called the ‘King of Medicine’ is always listed at the top of the list of ‘Ayurvedic Medicines’ because of its extraordinary power of healing. Some of the folklore people used this plant in the treatment of asthma, sore throat, vomiting, hiccough, diarrhea, dysentery, bleeding piles, ulcers, gout, heart and bladder diseases.

Dyeing process :-

1). It is used as a mordant. It has to be taken 5% wof and then again mordant with Alum.

After both mordents then dyeing is carried out.

2). If you take iron water or ferrous sulphate instead of Alum after treating the fabric with Natural Mordant you will achieve different hues of greenish gray.

3). Mordant the cellulose Fibers with Alum 10% Wof for 30 mins at 80C.

After Mordanting one wash to the fiber,

Take Natural mordant as per the desired shade, for medium take 5% wof and dye the fiber for 1 hour at 100C.

Now wash with non-ionic soap.