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Colourfull World of Natural Dyes is Here !!!!!
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Sam Vegetable Colours

Founded in 1994, as a family run business, the company has been exclusively and continuously working in the field of Natural Dyes. Our sister concern named “Sam-N-Ram” and “Interline exports”, with the same directors, has been taken over by the parent company i.e. Sam Vegetable Colours in 2004.

At present,

The company is manufacturing and exporting natural dyes.

Manufacturing naturally dyed organic cotton fabrics.

Manufacturing Handloom weaved and naturally dyed Khadi fabrics.

Manufacturing Handloom Denim fabric dyed with natural dyes.

The company is also doing natural dyeing of fabric on job bases.


Our Products

Sam Vegetable Colours

Our Products

Sam Vegetable Colours

Natural Dye Extracts

We care for our mother earth

Natural Dyed Fabrics

Wearing natural is the best way to go

Natural Dyeing On Job

Get your fabric dyed naturally today

Natural Dyes Starter Kit

Good news for young dyers


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